May 24

While my issues manifest themselves in various ways, there is one particular variation which, for some time now, has been more pressing than others. That is, adjusting to this world in which I find myself struggling to tread water.

Having become a Marine before I was even a legal adult, I spent those four years certainly learning and growing quite a bit. However, as much as I grew, it was in such a way that I was still, in many regards, a kid when I rejoined the civilian world. In the past three years many of those traits have been brought up to par, and yet I still seem to have trouble getting into the right mindset that would enable me to succeed to the extent that I should be able to.

What to do about this issue? I’m still working on figuring that out. I’ll keep you informed about any enlightenment that may happen to strike me.

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Welcome Indeed

Apr 27

Well, here we are. For those of you who visit us here at Mudhead Collective with some issues of your own, welcome to the club. It’s a bigger club than many people think. We each have a laundry list of things we deal with, from different origins, and that take different forms. And yet I find that, if we allow ourselves to, we can find a sense of comfort in the simple fact that we are not alone. Perhaps this sounds like a rather cliche thing to say, however it rings true nonetheless.

Salutations aside, I sincerely hope that through my own writings regarding my experiences, struggles, and progress (I am still working on that part), that in some small way it may help you. I am also eager to see how the discussions that will hopefully arise will help me in turn.

That being said, I look forward to working on this progressive, collaborative, and (Flying Spaghetti Monster willing) inspirational project.


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