Welcome Indeed

Apr 27

Well, here we are. For those of you who visit us here at Mudhead Collective with some issues of your own, welcome to the club. It’s a bigger club than many people think. We each have a laundry list of things we deal with, from different origins, and that take different forms. And yet I find that, if we allow ourselves to, we can find a sense of comfort in the simple fact that we are not alone. Perhaps this sounds like a rather cliche thing to say, however it rings true nonetheless.

Salutations aside, I sincerely hope that through my own writings regarding my experiences, struggles, and progress (I am still working on that part), that in some small way it may help you. I am also eager to see how the discussions that will hopefully arise will help me in turn.

That being said, I look forward to working on this progressive, collaborative, and (Flying Spaghetti Monster willing) inspirational project.


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